Many people love to be on social media, for some, it has proved to be an addiction. Have you ever wondered how social media feeds or everything eye-catching come to be? There is a lot of work behind social media graphics. It’s a good stride to know all about graphic designing even if you have a small online business.

It’s the most trending sector at the moment and you should be on point always. Competition pushes you to come up with spectacular ways of graphic designing because all of your competitors will be doing the same. If you look at the online casino industry, you will notice the amount of competition in terms of game graphics.

Luckily, there is no need for huge investment to get quality graphic design tools. You can actually get them for free. Managing and providing graphic explicit images and visuals can act worthwhile in giving you maximum traction. This article is meant to give you some of the best selections around.

Canva (Web, iOS, Android, macOS, Windows)

If you are looking for that simple and portable graphic designing tool, go for Canva. With Canva comes an array of templates that all go worthwhile in giving explicit graphic designs.

You can play around with photos to achieve maximum results. Canva’s homepage has a host of templates which include Instagram posts templates. The catalog is very big but thanks to specific categorization, customers have an opportunity to directly opt for the exact selection.

Fill up your own catalog by using a drag and drop action. Access to device pictures is very possible through uploads. Canva enables sharing completed files with others by selecting the share button. Guides and directions are very simple.

Adobe Spark (Web, iOS, Android)

This is the ultimate selection. You just have to experience what Adobe has to offer! AdobeAdobe has proven to be a good selection for social media designs and web graphics. Unlike its family members, Photoshop and Illustrator, Spark seem to be on the other side of popularity. It is an optimum editing tool with over 33000 templates. You can subscribe to their official site to get all updates.


Social Media graphics have been available since back then but people have not been willing to explore them. It’s very important as we mentioned earlier that when you have a small online business.

You can make your own online graphic manipulations. Remember, these tools are available, it’s just a matter of downloading and uploading. If you become an expert, there is so much room to expand looking at the fact that Canvas and Adobe are always updating their applications. Luckily, such editing tools are compatible with many software packages so there is no need to worry about selectivity.

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